Join Our Team of Educators!

If you're an EMS educator, with a passion for teaching, and a thirst to create something that's sustainable and rewarding for both you and the EMS community, then read on.

Earn an extra $1000 per month, or more, while you sleep!


Here at FlightCrit I have two mission.

First, create the #1 online learning platform for the EMS community by listening to the community and creating courses that solve your problems, and delivering that content in a way that doesn't interfere with you already busy life.

Second, create a platform where others in the EMS community can share their knowledge in a way that not only serves our industry, but also provides them more time and financial security.

A bit more about Mission #2.

Let's be honest, EMS professionals are severely under appreciated for the role we play in our healthcare system, and I don't see that changing any time soon.

There's just one additional problem; we love what we do!

I know very few EMS professionals who don't work multiple jobs, or who are constantly on the hunt for OT.

It's just something we've become accustomed to.

Ask any EMS professional why they do what they choose to work in this profession and most will tell you it's because they LOVE the job. That they couldn't see themselves doing anything else.

I know that's how I feel.

We accept the truth that we'll continue to work 60, 70, 80 hours a week for the rest of our careers.

So, if your calendar looks a bit like a Jackson Pollock painting, then listen up.

Online education is currently one of the fastest growing industries around.

$107 Billion Dollars

In 2015, revenue from online learning topped $107 Billion dollars, and there's no sign of that slowing down any time soon.

Why, because we're all busy, and very few of us would rather take time away from our lives, our friends, and our families to go sit in a classroom when we could just as easily get the same information while sitting at home, or better yet in the case of EMS, while sitting in the ambulance, or at the station, in between calls.

So what do you get by joining our team?

  • First, you can create a second source of income that makes you money while you sleep (Talk about DOUBLE DIPPING) by sharing your experience and expertise.
  • Second, and probably the most beneficial, you get direct access to our community of over 4000 (and growing FAST) students who have already expressed an interest in online EMS learning from FlightCrit.
  • Third, you get access to one of the MOST reliable, Learning Management Systems currently available to online educators.
  • Forth, you get direct support from our team of educators to help you get your course up and running fast.

If this sounds good, and you'd like to find out more about joining our team, send me a copy of your resume, along with a description of the course you're interested in creating to [email protected]

Don't worry about making your description too detailed, just a short explanation will do for now. We can worry about the details later.