Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years to all of you and thank you for being a part of this amazing community. 2017 was a busy years for me has FlightCrit has been going through a lot of changes behind the scenes. Some you've seen, but many you haven't. Continue reading to see what's happened, and what you can expect for 2018.

Highlights From 2017

  • EPICC for LIFE (a total Game Changer)

I'm intent on shaking up the industry and making FlightCrit, the BEST place to go for Flight and Critical Care Education, and it all starts with EPICC.

In case you missed it, with the purchase of any of our packages, I've decided to make EPICC available for LIFE. Every student, past and future, will have access to the EPICC Review Course for Life including all future updates and additions to the course.

In addition to having access to the lessons, each time you need to renew your professional certification, you can contact us and we'll reset your progress in the course so you can run through the modules again, and we can track your progress. At the end we'll be able to issue you another certificate of completion to submit with your renewal application.

NOTE!!! EPICC has not yet be approved by the IBSC so you can't use it just yet for your "Approved Renewal Course" but as soon as you can you'll be the first to know.

  • FlightCrit Academy is Moving

In an attempt to provide a better, more consolidated and interactive learning experience for you, I've started to transition the FlightCrit Academy to a new, more student focused platform that will provide you with more features to make you learning experience better.

New Features will be rolling out slowly and will included...

    • Completion Certificates
    • Integrated (VILT) Live Courses
    • Student Forums (so you don't have to move your discussions over to facebook)
    • Progress Awards
    • Live Chat with other online students and instructors
    • CEU Tracking
    • Quizzes (to make sure you're ready for you exam)
    • Practice Tests
    • Sample Questions
    • and MORE!

  • Patreon

Many of our community members have asked for a way to support the content I create. So, in response I created a special page that will allow anyone who wants to make a small donation to support FlightCrit

  • EPICC Audio Version

I'm in the process of converting, and compressing, each lesson of the review course into audio files. I hope to have this done in the next 2 weeks. Once done, everyone who's purchased the EPICC Professional or Premium package will receive an email with instructions on how to download your audio file.

For those who want an audio version of the course, but didn't purchase one of the premium packages, you'll be able to purchase the filed over at FlightCrit. I'll share a link out once their ready.

EPICC Lessons

Here's the latest on the EPICC Review Course.

Since August I've learned a few hard lessons. First, I tried working with an outside company to help me finish up the remaining lessons of the EPICC review course more quickly.

Sadly this was an EPICC FAIL!

Not only was this individual unable to complete the work I hired to do, but he also lost many of my files which I've been working to recreate.

Second, the external harddrive I used for handling the files I'm actively working on crashed BIG TIME. And you guessed it, this was the one drive that wasn't automatically backing up like I thought. So, once again it was back to the drawing board.

Live and Learn, Right?

But, I've fixed these problems and am just about back to where I was.

So here's what's going on

Cardiopulmonary Emergencies and Hemodynamic Monitoring

  • DONE!

Neurological Emergencies

  • I had to completely recreate this section (Aaaah!!!) but I'm just about back on track and will have this section finished up but the middle of January. In the meantime you can check out the replay from several webinars I held in December where I went over some of the material from this section. You can find those replays by following the link below. Be sure to use the Password "GRITTYMEDIC" to access the page

FlightCrit Office Hours

OB / Neonatal / Pediatric Emergencies

  • This section is just about done. Recording will begin just as soon as I have the Neuro section published.

Toxicology and General Medical Emergencies

  • These were sections I lost back in August and have had to recreate The outlines are complete and the slides are in production. Once Neuro and OB/Peds are complete, I'll be recording these last 2 sections. I'll keep you posted.

Bonus Sections

Along with several new sections and updates that I've already started to brainstorm and outline, there are two bonus sections that I'll be adding to the end of the coures.

  • The first will cover advanced Test Taking Tips
  • The second will cover Best Practices for Dominating Your Flight Crew Member Job Interview.

TIPS from CRIT Podcast went LIVE!

The TIPS from CRIT Podcast went live back in November and to date has been downloaded over 1500 times.

I want to thank everyone who's downloaded the podcast, left comments, rated the show on iTunes, and send in questions. This podcast is for you, and it is your questions that will guide what we cover on the podcast.

If you're not on iTunes, you can also find the show on Google Play, Stitcher, or by going directly to TIPSfromCRIT.com.

Check out TIPS from CRIT Episode 6 where I answer a question from one of our community members about Rapid 12-lead Reading. This is the format I hope to use going forward with the show.

If you have a question you'd like featured on the podcast, you can send me your question by going to AskFlightCrit.com and sending me a message directly from your computer. Check it out! It's pretty cool.


  • If you're using a new email address, be sure to update it in your profile so you don't miss any updates from the Academy.

Ok, I think that's it for now. If you have questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Chat with you next month.